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Don’t Establish A Home Until You’re Sure You Earn A Ample Living!

One Of My Favourite Verses Of The Bible Is The Verse 27 Of 24 In Proverbs;

Don’t Build Your House And Establish A Home Until Your Fields Are Ready, And You’re Sure That You Can Earn A Living.

Proverbs 24:27 GNB

Wait, Lemme Ask This Question… Where The Hell Are You Rushing To?!

Who’s Chasing You!?

You Think Marriage Is Just Something You Can Ball Into When You Like?

Well, Ask Around, If It’s The Stories You Want _ Your Ears Will Bleed Out – Believe Me

Don’t Let Anyone Rush You – Don’t Let Anyone Put Pressure On You – Don’t Let Anyone Intimidate You...

‘Cause When You Enter Into It – It’ll Be Just You And Your God – Well, Mostly You…, ‘Cause None Of Them Is Going To Live In It For You…

And When The Storm Comes (- FACT, The One Thing That’s Inevitable In Marriages), You Won’t Have The Ground To Stand…

Why Punish Yourself And Someone Else’s Daughter? (Doesn’t Mean Ladies Shouldn’t Be Ready Too Anything Can Happen, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow)…

Why Should You Make Yourself Suffer?

You’d Spend All Flares Of Currency At Your Wedding And Be Living In A One Room Apartment _ Really? πŸ™„… In A Rented Apartment?!

If You Think Marriage Is Just To Call Someone Your Wife,… Sit Down Enjoy The Rest Of Your Life _ Well, BUMMER ALERT ⚠ ; ‘Cause It’s Not!

You’d Feed, Clothe Yourselves, Pay Fees, Transport (You’d Also Be Thinking Of Getting A Car – Your Own House... C’mon!)

And Believe Me, If You Don’t Use Your Brain, You’d Be Stucked Like That For The Rest Of Your Life (Unless God Shows You An Unmerited Favour _ Bacause You Didn’t Listen In The First Place!)

You Don’t Wanna Take That Chance _ ‘Cause No One Is Chasing You!

Some Men After Marriage, Take Their Wife To Go Live In Their Mother’s House _ Seriously Bro – Grow Up!

If You’re Not Ready, Don’t Even Think Of Trying It… Nobody Will Kneel You Down Or Flog You Because You’re Not Ready To Marry!

It’s First Of All, For Your Own Good, Your Wife’s, Your Future Offsprings’ Well-Being, Their Education, Their State Of MindIt’s All In Your Hands – You’re The Head, The Brain Is In You – USE IT, Don’t Leave It Idle

If She Keeps Disturbing You To Marry Her, Explain To Her!…

If She Can’t Wait, Be Kind Enough To Let Her Go! – You’re Doing You Both A Favour, Believe Me…

Even Here, Parents Also Compares Their Children… Something Like; β€œYou Know That ‘Girl’ Is Younger Than You Oh, And She’s Married πŸ‘° With Kids”

So Long You Know What You’re Doing, Let Them Talk… This Is Life, All Fingers Ain’t Equal… Everyone’s Time Is Different _ So Is Our Race Track!

Don’t Get Intimidated… Don’t Feel Oppressed

Make Sure Your β€œFields” Are Ready β€” & β€” You’re Sure You Can Earn A Living – BE WISE!


May 6, 2020

Before You Think Of Giving Life Up – Calm Down!

Before You Let Your Ego Ruin Your Relationship – Calm Down

Before You β€œBreak That Person’s Head” – Calm Down

Before You Start A Grudge With That Person That β€œShould” Say β€œSorry” – Calm Down

Before You Let Jealousy Take Over – Calm Down

Before You Attempt To Do Something That You Might Regret – Calm Down | Breathe In, Breathe Out. Now Ask Yourself

Is It Worth It?

People Are Bond To Offend Us…

As Matter Of Fact, People Are Meant To Offend Us… We Certainly Can’t Deny The Fact That We’ve Offended Others Too… That’s Just How It Goes

You Need To Learn How To Forgive… It’ll Help Against Negative Energies πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

They’re Certain Offences People Can [Will] Commit Against Us… But Unless They Don’t Want To Admit What They Did Γ— [Which In My Case, I Believe You Should Sometimes Show People The Era Of Their Ways… After Patience, Of Course πŸ‘€] Γ— Vengeance Never Solves Anything… Anything…

You Really Don’t Have To Go All Out…

If They Were Worth A Place In Your Universe, They’ll Be Humble Enough To Admit Their Mistakes… Not Blame It On You Or Someone Else…

This Thing Called Ego Is One Of The Thousand Factors Ruining Relationships Nowadays…

You Feel The Other Should Say Sorry First…

β€œHow Can He/She Do That To Me… Me!?” – Said Someone Who’s Nothing… Believe Me, The Strongest People Are Those Who Seek The Retribution Of Their Relationship/Marriage _ Not Those Waiting For An Apology…

If At A Certain Age Of β€œMaturity”, You Still β€œExpect” From People, Or You β€œExpect” Someone To Do Something, Or You Didn’t β€œExpect” Someone Could Do What They Did To You… Sorry To Tell You; But, You’re One Of The Many Dumb People On This Planet…

Get With The Program…

Anything Can, And Will Happen… You Don’t Have To Act All Childish About It… Calm The F**k Down!

Self Awareness Γ— [Which Sometimes Is A Good Thing] Γ— Is Something That Creates Problems For Most Of Us… You Don’t Wanna Let Go… Buh You Don’t Wanna Be The Underdog Either… It’s Side Effects Are Ego And Pride… And The Inevitable Outcome Is Doing Something, Well, – Out Of Context

So, Before You Take That Decision, Either You’re Over Excited… Or Over Anxious… Or Under Pressure… Remember To CALM DOMN πŸ™‚


Apr 28, 2020

I Love You So Much! I Can Die For You!… Right… πŸ˜’, Sure You Can… Even Jesus Did & People Still Don’t Reference Him.

In The World We’ve Come To Have Today…

I LOVE YOU, Is Now More Of A Mind-Off Quote Than A Heart-Felt Statement…

The Word LOVE Has Come So Far, Through The Centuries, Morphing Into Whatever It Is Today…

People Now Have Different Meanings For The Word LOVE… People Call It What They See It As…

Some Other Morphed Name For It May Be;

SEX – This One’s The Most Common… (It So Happens To Be Said In This Category, That β€œIf You Don’t Sleep With Me, It Means You Don’t Love Me”.) Have You Forgotten That A Day Will Come That Sex Will Irritate You… And You Won’t Even Be Able To Move A Sexual Muscle, Now Tell Me, What Would Hold Your Marriage/Relationship Down Then?… Sex? OR True Love?

MONEY – Most People (Especially Ladies… Mostly Ladies… 95% Of The Times – Ladies! πŸ‘€) Believes If You Don’t Spend Money In A Relationship, You Don’t Love Them… [Most Ladies I’ve β€œMet” In My Life, Don’t Really Go By This… So Are Other Millions Of Ladies Out There That Don’t Need Your Money To Love You… But πŸ‘€πŸ˜…]

POSITION – (Sounds Weird To Be There, But Believe Me It Is…) This Deals Mostly On How We Place Ourselves… While It’s Important In A Relationship To Text And Make Calls, I Could Text You Or Call You Or Give You My Attention 24/7, It Doesn’t Certify That I Do Love You. β€œLust” Is Not β€œLove” – Know The Difference. [I Wish To Emphasise More On This, But Let’s Leave The Figuring Out To Our Beautiful And Kindred Minds… Shall We?]


Show β€œLove” To EVERYONE
Be Nice, Be Kind…
You Never Know, If It’ll Be The Last Thing You’d Do
You Never Know, If It’ll Be The Last Thing They’d Experience
Friends And Enemies Alike. DON’T GRUDGE

[β€œPlease, Don’t Take Me As A Preacher (‘Cause I’m Not!). I’ve said That In My Earlier Posts, Where I Made References To The Bible. “I’m Just An Introvert Who Reads His Bible Rather Than Wait Around For Someone To Tell Him Fabricated Stories Of It”. Also, What I Speak Of On My Blog Is The Realities Of Life, And “The Bible” Happens To Be All About That πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈβ€]

There’s This Particular Chapter In That Splendiferous Word Of God That Intrigues Me On What The True Meaning Of Love Is…

Times And Over, I’d Pounder, I’d Read It Over And Over Again… I Understand It Though, (I Guess God Made Me Understand πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ)…

But When I Look At The World Around Me… Around Us… It Just Doesn’t Feel Right!

Love Is Patient And Kind;

It Is Not Jealous Or Conceited Or Proud;

Love Is Not Ill-Mannered Or Selfish Or Irritable;

Love Does Not Keep A Record Of Wrongs;

Love Is Not Happy With Evil, But Is Happy With The Truth;

Love Never Gives Up; And It’s Faith, Hope, And Patience Never Fail.

Love Is Eternal!

1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8Βͺ

Read This, Read It, Continue Reading It, Keep Reading It, And When You’re β€œDone”; Read It Again!

I Don’t Know Who Needs To See This, I Don’t Know Who In The World Is Urgently In Need Of The Understanding Of These Words…

Whoever It is, Either You Reading This, Or Someone You Know,… Don’t Wear Yourself Out Trying To Find Love… You Have A Guideline From Your Creator; Follow It.



Apr 2, 2020

That Has Been Stated Like A Gazillion Times Now, And I Personally Made A Mention To One Aspect Of It: Read More

Don’t Rush Into Marriage!, But No, People Won’t Listen Till It’s Too Late. And Then They Start To Blame God And Say “I Chose Wrong” πŸ˜’


Take A Step πŸ‘£ On That Dream Of Yours TODAY! – Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow _ It Will Never Come! β€” EVER!

There’s One Popular Saying That Goes β€œMarry Your Best Friend”

The Saying Is Kind Of Awkward, But I Wonder, Why Aren’t People Getting The Point!? (It Ain’t Meant To Be LiteralπŸ‘€)

Now, In Your Own Phase Of Ideas,
Define Who Your Best Friend Is…

† The One Person You’re Closest With

† They Know Most About You, That’s Sure

† They’re The Ones You Most Likely Tell Your Secrets To

† That One Person You Can Talk With Over The Phone For More Than 2Hrs And Not Get Bored!

† Someone You Can Be Gross Around | Free Around Them

Now When You’re Looking For A Life Partner, Who Better Else To be Stuck With For Life Than The One Person Who’s Truly Got You (Disclaimer: Trust No-one! & I Mean NO-ONE)

In Fact Ask Yourself; Can I Wish To Have A Son Exactly Like The Man I’m Marrying?

Can My Daughter See Me As Her Role Model Worthy Of Emulation?


Know What You’re Buying Before You Spend Your Money On It

Love Is A Good Thing, And Yes, It Blinds!. But You Have To Open Your Eyes Yourself

Believe Me; You Do Not Want Trivial Questions From Your Future Kids Asking Who Their Father Is | Or | When Their Father’s Going To Come Back Home

COURT! β€” You Ain’t Gonn’ Die πŸ‘€

Just ‘Cause Your Friends Are Getting Married, You’re Feeling Oppressed?

C’mon, Just Stop It!

Waiting And Studying For A Little While Won’t Hurt You Or Get You Killed (Just Know What You’re Doing)

And You See Those Marriages You’re Hyping, 100% Of Them Has Troubles, Storms And Full On War They’re Fighting Against β€” Only A Few Percent Survives

It Might Take A While But 89% Of Them Crash – FACT

I Don’t Know Why People Are So Quick To Say They Married Wrong… (If You Weren’t So Quick To Marry, You Wouldn’t Be Saying That) Like Were You Expecting To Marry An Angel?. The Only Thing You Can Do Is Court And Get To Know Your Partner Like You Know Your Yourself

You Might Have Chosen Wrong, You Might Have Not β€” When You Court, You’d Know At Least 80% Of Their Behaviour And You’d Know From There If You Can Endure It Or Not! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

That Character They’re Trying To Hide? β€” Give It A While, It Will Come Out!

And When You’ve Known Them Like Your Palms, Whatever Is Going To Break Your Marriage Will Try Hard…

As A Matter Of Fact, What Can? Besides UNFAITHFULNESS?? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ