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Jul 18, 2020

The Media Went Wild When Ted Haggard (An American Evangelical Pastor, The Founder And Former Pastor Of New Life Church In Colorado Springs.) , Who Used to preach against Homosexuality ⚣, Was Involved In It.

Hypocrisy, As We Know It, Is Pretending To Be Something You’re Not Or Even Intend To Be. Sometimes, It’s Even When You’re Paying More Attention To Reputation Than To Your Character.

Let’s Take A look At The “So-called” Leaders (Not All Are, But, They’ve Contaminated The God-Sent)

Jesus, Back In His Days, Never Minced Words About Hypocrisy and Hypocrites. It Was Evident Of How He Directly Confronted The Religious Hypocrites Back Then, The Scribes, Pharisees, The Elite And Learned People At That Time (Of Which There Are Still Pretty Much Evident Now)

They Hated And Arrested Him On Trumped Up Charges.

Some Christians, While Being Skeptical About Being “Contaminated” By The Unbelievers, They Exhibit Self-Righteousness

Hypocrisy, In Our Today World Is Being Manifested In Various Ways Such As; Giving To The Less Privileged Publicly Or Uploading It To The Social Media Of Their Choice | Fasting And Praying Publicly |

(A Part Of The Bible Scolds This Act; )

“When You Pray, Do Not Be Like The ‘Hypocrites’! They Love To Stand In The House Of Worship And On Street Corners, So That Everyone Will See Them. I Assure You, They Have Already Been Paid In Full.

Matthew 6:5 GNB

The Bible Furthermore Tells How To Pray In The Succeeding Verses.

The Most Obvious Manifestation Of The Hypocritic Act Is How We Sometimes Complain About Someone Else’s Behaviour When Ours Is Even Worse!

I Understand We’re All “Humans” Yes, And Humans Are Faulty As… But As Hard As It Can Be, Try To Be Original And Genuine In All You Do… You Won’t Regret It!


The Heights Of Curiosity As A Child

The Heights Of Curiosity As A Kid Has No Boundaries… They Wanna Know How Everything Works…

Most Times I See Parents Beating Their Child For Breaking Their Toy… Really?

Your Kid Loves To Detach Stuffs? _ And You Want To Kill Him/Her (Beating The Innocent, Passion Driven Child _ Some Even Do It To A Point The Child Bleeds_)

Really?… C’mon!

I’m Not Talking About Breaking Valuable Stuffs Like Your Phone (You Should Have Kept Your Phone Well Too🙄) Or Your Laptop Or TV _ You Name It! But…

(You Should Probably Let Them Know It’s Not A Good Behaviour To Break Those Kind Of Valuable Properties By A Mild Correction Not By Beating-Kicking-Knocking > C’mon!, You Can Damage Them Mentally And Emotionally For God’s Sake!)

Stuffs I’m Talking About Are For Example; Their Toys, A Game Console [Probably Not The Expensive One, And If It Is… You Should Know The Age They Should Have It], Talking Dummies Too…

(C’mon! Children Are Curious, They’re Learning Things, They Wanna Know Things, You Should Let Them Explore _ Under Your Supervision Of Course.)

Children Believes Anything Is Possible

In Cartoons Anything Is Possible, Why Do You Think Children Are The Targeted Audience?

Even I, As A Guy Still See Cartoons _ Some People Will Be Like Are You A Kid? _ I Never Really Pay Any Attention To Their Words… ‘Cause It Expands My Imagination & Belief That Anything Is Possible (Which If You Set Your Mind To It, Really Is!)

Even As A Kid, My Dad Wouldn’t Let Me Watch Cartoons😅…,

Can’t Forget; He Broke My Justice League Season 2 CD… It Was So Painful For Me As A Kid… (I Mean, I Was Only At Episode 5 For God Sake! 😭) Lol…

There Was Even One Time He Tried To Break My Tom And Jerry CD, It Was My Mum That Made Him Stop, Saying I LOVE It…

The Love I Had/Have For Cartoons Is Immeasurable, Thank God I Wasn’t The Type Of Kids That Stole To Buy Some Things As A Kid.

My Dad Even Seized My Toys One Time; I Never Really Saw Them Again…

Damn!, Never Realised My Childhood Was This Miserable… 😅


From The Early Education… Starting With The Learn-All-I-Can Educational System;

16 Different Subjects Taught By 16 Different Teachers; And The Expectations Of The School Is For ‘Me’ To Know All…

That’s Even Not The Main Point Here... 🤦‍♂️

I’ll Come Back To That One Later, That’s A Different Tacit Tangled With This Messed Up Educational/“University” Timeline.

Most People I’ve Met, When Getting To Know Them Better, Especially In Their Educational Background From Home… Most Has That Same Complaint:

“My Dad Or Mum Wants Me To Be A “Doctor” And That’s Not What I Want To Be”

I, On One Hand, Happen To Be In That Category… As A Growing Kid I Was Fascinated By Computers And Obsessed With How Tech Works… And I Was Also The Type Of Kid That Was Shy… An Absolute Introvert…

Faintly, I Can Still Remember When Dad Asked Me What I Wanted To Be… I Said Happily I Want To Be A Computer Scientist”

[As I Mentioned In One Of My Previous Articles; I Don’t Like Being Shouted On… It Kinda Gives Me Something Related To Hypertension]

I Had No Idea How Big My Dreams Were About To Be Crushed, [OR IS IT THOUGH?!🤔😏] …; My Dad’s In The Medical Line… And He Said; “Why Don’t I join the Medical Line”, Those Words… Shattered Me… And When I Tried To Talk… He Used My One Weakness…

I Never Blamed Him Though, ‘Cause According To Him, He Only Wanted The Best For Me Saying “Medical Line Has A More Viable Chance Of Job Opportunities In This Current State Of The Country (Nigeria)”

Now That’s Where I’m Going… If I Came From Heaven And I Brought The Passion Of Being A Doctor With Me… That’s A Different Story, No One Can Stop Me From Being who I Was Made To Be… Not Even The Surroundings I Was Deployed As A Baby…

The Passion, The Energy I’d Use To Work For That One Thing I Want, Would Be Superb, ‘Cause I’d Be Happy And Once You Love What You Do, You Will Succeed!

Also, If I Came To Earth, Passion-Driven About Arts And You want Me To Go Study “Hard” And Become An Engineer… The Truth, Which Deep Inside, Everyone Knows… Is The Child Won’t Be Happy…

That’s A Whole ‘Nother Level Of Soul Crushing

What Most Parents Do Is Try To Infuse Their Own Unfulfilled Dreams On Their Poor Plain Minded Children… They Keep Telling Their Children You’d Become What I Want You To Be”

That’s Not Possible, You Didn’t Create Them, You Can Tell Them What To Be… Only God Can!

Nothing Can Change God’s Plan… Not Even Your “Wish” For Them...

You Either Delay It, Or You Kill It Cold Blooded In The Innocent Child God Gave You.

One Annoying Thing About This “What I Want To Become Of A Thing” Is How The Parents Will Now Scold The Child At This Level For Having Bad Grades… Or Not Passing (For Nigeria: ) The So Called “JAMB” Examinations… It’s So Upsetting… 🤦‍♂️


How Parents Compare Their Children

I Kinda Hate It, No, I Despise The Frivolous Act Perpetrated By Parents… Lol… Words Right…

But Seriously…

I Think To Myself Why Do Parents Like Comparing Their Children To Other Kids…

Why Do They Keep Making Their Children Feel Bad For Trying…

I Mean, What Don’t You Get?

You’d Hear Words Like; And That’s Your Mate Oh”

And When Talking About Positions, You’d be Hearing Words Like;

“Isn’t It Someone That Came First” Or

“Is The Person That Came First Having Two Heads?” Or

“You Don’t Know Anything!”

Forgetting Our Heads Are Different…

Forgetting Everyone Is Unique In Their Own Way

Well, You’re Wrong!

Why Don’t You Try To Access Your Kid, Your Child’s Ability May Not Even Be Related To The Classroom Or Competing – They Just Wanna Be The Best They Can Be…

Take The Legendary Albert Einstein For Example;

(It Is Usually Rumoured That Einstein Was A Dull Boy And Didn’t Know Anything As A Boy)

But, I’ve Come to Read That He Just Felt Out Of Place — His Imagination And Creativity Was Beyond Those Classroom Walls

From Britannica.com: Einstein Often Felt Out Of Place And Victimised By A Prussian-Style Educational System That Seemed To Stifle Originality And Creativity. One Teacher Even Told Him That He Would Never Amount To Anything. Read More Here

There’s More To His Story, Like How He Ran From His Boarding School Back To His Parents Because He Felt Alone And Miserable. You Can Also Read More Here

Know, Your Child May Not Be Like Einstein, Who Was Fascinated By The Laws And Wonders Of Nature & Physics & Mathematics

It’s Not Only Science That Makes The World Up… If It Was Only Doctors We Had… We Wouldn’t Have Computers…

If Programming Was The Only Occupation We Have… We’d All Die Of Sicknesses, ‘Cause You Obviously Can’t Program A Sickness Antidote… Get My Point? 👀

Medicine – Military – Computer – Designing – Art – Economics – Language – Science – We All Need One Another… Don’t Force An Artist Into Medicine. It Won’t Work!

Even Einstein Failed French, Biology, & Chemistry!

When He Was Writing An Entrance Exam Into The “Swiss Federal Polytechnic” Which Was Later Renamed “Swiss Institute Of Technology” When It Expanded To A Full University Status.

Check Out The Child Education II


Apr 24, 2020

The Entire Educational System

…Especially Universities

Since I’ve Written A Trilogy On The Basic Educational System… Dealing Mostly With Our Upbringing As A Learning Child, I’d Take My Way From Here Straight Up To The Advance Level…

…Where It All Gets Worse


Don’t Let Anyone Judge You…
Don’t Live By Anyone’s Rating… You’re Better Than That…
Just ‘Cause You Ain’t On The Front Page, Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have What It Takes…
Just Keep Trying… Never Give Up… As Long As You Don’t… The Spotlight Is Yours! ❤️

The Origin Of What This Clarification Is Based On Starts From The Section Of Education Called “High School” Which In My Side Of The World Is Known As “Senior Secondary School

The Level Where The Weight Of Decision, Strong Enough To Make Your Life Or Break It Forever Rests On Your Soul… Not Just Your “Shoulders”

Y’know, It’s Common For Parents To Choose A Course Of Study Or “Dictate” A Course Of Study To Their Children / Deciding What They’ll Become In Life;

I Specifically Disected This Part In My Previous Post: “The Child Education II

Some Parents Don’t Even Bother To Ask For The Child’s Opinion…

Some Parents Discuss What They Want The Child To Become, Not Even Asking What The Child’s Passion Really Is…

Some Type Of Parents Say Theirs As A Suggestion To The Child, “Painting” & “Packaging” It With All “Sweets” & “Honey”…

– The Kid?, Well, Has No Choice But To Drop His/Her Own Passion And Follow Their Parent’s Dreams

[This Is The Category I Happen To Fall Under. Has It Been Working Out For Me? _ Well, I Can’t Really Say… But If I Am To, In Just Two Words – HELL NO!

(My Original Passion Is Getting Stronger… And This Chosen Path [The Choice Made For Me] I’ve Been Set On Is Causing An Interference With My In-Bourne Passion)]

The Last Set Of Parents Here Are The Ones That Actually Do Care How The Child Feels, They Care How High The Passion Flies In Their Children.

Someone Once Made A Pun-Fact-Like Meme That Said “Mark Zuckerberg’s Mum Is The Only Mother That Ever Said To Her Child “Forget High School & College, Focus On Your Dreams”

While Mark Actually Went To High School And College, (But Dropped Off) If That FACT About His Mother Is True… I Don’t Know.

But Following Mark’s Story Of Success, I Just Might Believe If Told.

And The Same Goes For The Founder Of Microsoft: Bill Gates & The Founder Of Apple: Steve Jobs


When Will People Get That!?

Personally, From My POV, The Only Real Use Of “University” Is Implementing Practicals For Those Whose Field Of Study Requires It.

I.E: Medical Students – The Need For The Practical Aspect Is Necessary For Them, For Others Whose Passion Requires That They Deal With Specimens Might Be In Need Of Tools, Equipment & Laboratories To Work Properly.

However, My Disclaimer Here, Which Also Happens To Be My Emphasis Is… This Only Applies;

IF: Your Passion Is Within The Field That Requires It

(“Then You Should Consider Going There”)


(“YOU DON’T NEED “University” To Be Successful In Life!”)

PS: [This Isn’t Really Part Of The Post, Just Something I Have In Mind]

There’s Something That Upsets 😤 Me In This So-Called University Everyone Is Just Placing So High…😒

First Of, That Place Is The Last Aspect That’ll Finish The Robotic Work 🤖 That Has Been Made On Us Since Primary Schools…😶

You’d Read So Hard 🙇‍♂️, Work Tirelessly🥵… Only To Be Graded According To What Someone Else Thinks…🤷‍♂️ Like WTF!?🤬

Like Just Give Us Where Exactly To Read… And Ask The Questions In Your “Examinations” From There For God’s Sake!!😬😤

Some Even Tell You, “You Must Write Exactly What I Gave You In My Note”👀 – No Space For Expressions🤐… – No Space For Creativity😶… – No Space For Originality!!🤡

Giving Us An Encyclopedia🥵 To Study Only To Ask A 5 Sentence Question😬… It’s Almost Like We’re Paying To Fail🤔

I’m Pretty Sure The Originator Of The Idea Of A Higher Schooling System To Help You Decide What You Wanna Become In Life, Didn’t Plan It This Way… 🤦‍♂️

Worst Part Is… The Syllabuses Running In Most Of These So-Called Universities Are Out-Dated, Whack!, Low-profile, And Unprecedented! 🤬

Some Just Refuse To Upgrade!, The Same Tuition Methods And Materials Implemented In The Early 1500’s And Beyond Are Still Being Used… This Is The 21st For God’s Sake! – Evolve! 🙄

And For One Thing, I Know That’s Not All! 😑

🧘‍♂️– This Is Just Coming From A Guy Who Likes To Speak His Mind About Facts. He Gets Ignored, ‘Cause Almost Everyone Is Mentally Dubbed. But One Thing Keeps Hope Bright – He Knows, He’s Not Alone!Spizzerinctum™