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“I Can’t Believe He/’she’ did this to me”

“But You Promised!”

And The Egotistical One…

“Imagine!, A Whole Me!” Is What You’ll Hear…

I Always Wonder, Why Do People Always Expect Others To Do Something For Them?

Listen, Or Read, Even If You Do “The Whole World” For Some Certain People, Theyʼll Still Treat You The Same _ Whoever Will Do Anything For You Will – Even If They’re Inconvenient, Broke Or You Yourself Haven’t Done Anything For Them Earlier… They Don’t Need Favours To Return One.

(Disclaimer Is, You Can Hardly Find Those Kind Of Angels… Rarely!)


I Just Take A Hard Look At Some People When They Say Words Like;

“You Can’t Even Call Me” (This Is Depending On The Situation Though)

I’mma Be Like “What Happened To Your Phone?”, – – For Real, “Did You Loose My Number Or What?”, – – “Why Didn’t You Call Me If You Were Going To Accuse Me?”, – – “What If I Was Sick?”, – – “What If I Was Going Through Something?”

But Seriously Though, That Question Annoys Me!

Everyone Is Busy, Everyone Is Trying To Earn Money, Everyone Is Struggling With SomethingFACT!

If You Wanna Hear My Voice – Call Me!

If You Ain’t Hearing My Voice – Call Me!

If You Still Don’t Hear My Voice – Stop Calling [It’s Not Pride, It’s SELF RESPECT]

Not That, You Don’t Even Have My Number And You’re Painting Me Bad Somewhere To People That Don’t Know You Yourself Have Never Called; Your Story’s Gotta Be Sweet Right?, Well F-Word You!

This Egoistical Expectation Occurs More In Parties, Celebrations, ~ Somewhere You Think They Should Honour You ¦ Put You On The “High Table”

Yeah, It Sounds Kinda Funny Buh It’s Real!

Some Will Be Expecting One Big Warmer And Probably A Wine, And Boom: They’ll Be Handed A Plastic Take-Away Plate With A Malt Or Even Fanta… There, The Grudge Begins…

Some Will Be Expecting To Be Named As A VIP In An Event, But Wouldn’t Even Be Mentioned Throughout The Event!

When Invited To A Mini-Party 🎉 Where Maybe A Goat🐐 Or A Chicken🐔 Was Killed… Some Will Say To Themselves, “Shebi He’s The One That Invited Me, He Should Have Something Special For Me”

Bummer Alert!⚠ : Your Brother, Close Friend, Best Friend, Or Even Work Mate Could Invite You “Specially” And You’d Take What Everyone Else WillFACT!

If They Will, They Will!

If They Did, But For Some Reason, Couldn’t? UNDERSTAND!

No One Was Born To Satisfy You, Even Your “Slave” Can’t…

Set Your Mind Up _ Anyone, And I Mean Anyone! Could Disappoint You Anytime, Probably Not Because They Wish To, But Have No Choice – WE’RE HUMANS!


Mar 23, 2020

Do You Know You Are A Genius?

Yes, You!

Make Sure You See That Video Below...
Believe Me, You Won't Regret You Did...

Have You Ever Felt Like You Had A Superpower At Something You Do?

Where Others Are Trying So Hard, You Thrive Flawlessly In That Particular Area?

Like, You Could Do That One Thing (If Possible) Even While You Sleep?!

FACT: Everyone Has That One Area 💯

Now Tell Me If You Ain’t A Genius! 😏

I’ve Always Wanted The World To See This Video… What Better Place To Tell People From My Side; YOU ARE A GENIUS!

It Doesn’t Matter If No Matter How Hard You Try, You Just Can’t Get That Mathematics Right…

It Doesn’t Matter If No Matter How Hard You Study, You Just Can’t Get That Mark Up High…

Bummer Alert ⚠ : Even Einstein, Yes The Crazy Genius Who Had An Extraordinary Flare For The Science Behind Nature — Yes Him;

He Once Failed BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, & FRENCH All At Once!

Don’t Believe Me? 😏 Read About It Here 👈

Well, He Was Lucky To Be Born Where He Was, ‘Cause The School (Where He Did The Entrance Exam) Saw His Potential In Mathematics And Physics And Accepted Him Still

I’m Just Wondering 🤔 What Kind Of Machete His Dreams Would Have Been Butchered With If He Was Born In Nigeria 🇳🇬

You Can Read More Of Einsteinʼs Story Here

Have You Ever Wondered How Miserable Eminem Would Be If He Actually Went To “School”

From My Personal POV > That Guy’s A Living Legend!

I’ve Tried To Study His Rap Pattern (Even If I Really Can’t 👀), It’s One Of A Kind.

He Has His Own Story Though, His Hardship… They All Do 👀

But Being A Genius At The One He Could Beat Anybody At — Gave Him Just Enough Rise He Needed To “Blow” (Just As He Related In His Song: Lose Yourself)

Don’t Listen To Negative Things People Will Say, It Doesn’t Matter How Many Times You Fail… It Doesn’t Matter How Often You Fall… It Doesn’t Count If It Seems The Entire Universe Is Against You…

What Counts Is Your Drive… What Counts Is Your Passion… Your Determination… Your Spizzerinctum (The Will To Succeed)!

>> Do You Think If Einstein Felt Bad For Failing Biology, Chemistry, & French; He’d Be Famous For His Inventions??

>> Do You Think If Eminem Let His Background Get To Him; He’d Be The Greatest Rapper??

>> Do You Think If Ben Carson Settled For His Being Dumb During Childhood Education; He’d Be The Greatest Neuro-Surgeon??

>> Do You Think If Mark Let His Dropping Out Give Him Thoughts; He’d Turn Out To Create The Largest Social Network??

>> Do You Think If Marie Curie Gave Room In Her Mind For The Discriminations From Her Male Colleagues; She’d Be The First And Only Person, (Only Woman Too) To Ever Collect Noble Prices In Two Fields??

PS: “Marie Curie Was The First Person (And Woman) Who Has Won Two Separate Noble Prizes, One For Physics And Another For Chemistry, And To This Day Curie Is The Only Person, Regardless Of Gender, To Receive Noble Prizes For Two Different Sciences.”

>> Do You Think If You Don’t Have What It Takes To Make It; You’d Actually Do??

That Is Left For You To Decide…


You’re Perfect In Your Own Unique Way!

And Hey, You Can Do It! Shoot For The Stars!, And Until You Get There… NEVER GIVE UP!


Now You’re Probably Thinking… Wait, I’ve Seen Something Like That Before…

Well, You’re Right… Martin Luther King Jr. Said “I Have A Dream!” Pretty Sure That Dream Of His Is Being Lived Out By People That Doesn’t Even Know Him…

It’s Crazy Right,… It Was The Same Corruption That Killed Him… When He Was Assassinated By James Earl Ray* At Just The Age of 39.

I On The Other Hand… Well, I Hope Not To Be…

Some Things I’ve Learnt From Past Heroes, Past Leaders Who Stood Against Injustice & Corruption Is;

I. No Matter How Hard They Try… No Matter How Hard They Shine That Light… There Are Still Going To Be Some Set Of People Habouring Darkness Against Them…

II. No Matter How Good You are, Now Matter How Kind You are… There’s always that Group of People ready to Drag You Down…

Here’s A Word Of Advice To My Readers: Only Someone Below You Can Try To Drag You Down… Someone Above You, Even Literally Can’t Do Such… So Don’t Worry About Them – Those Below You. This Life Is Too Short And Kind Of Pointless… You Don’t Have Time To Worry About Those That Hate You... Climb Higher!

I’ve Had This Vision-Of-A-Blog Since I Started Getting Cognizant

I’ve Been Thinking And Wondering How This World Works…

I Have A Lot To Say, A Lot To Open Up On, A Lot To Let People Know, A Lot To Make People Understand...

For One Thing, I Know, And I’m Sure I’m Not The Only One That Possess This Taunting Tacit Voice…, Everyone Does, It Just Takes A Toll Of Courage To Let It Out.

And Frankly, I’m Willing To Take That Toll!

Obviously, People Before Me Spoke Up: Take;

Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas Jefferson

Nelson Mandela

And Many More of Them… Check Here For More.


Each Day Of My Life,

I Wonder… Is There An End To This Devastating Phenomenal Occurence We Call “Life”?,

Maybe There Is

Maybe There Isn’t… 

Maybe There Is With Death? 

Maybe There Still Isn’t… 🤦‍♂️

Well, We’ll Never Know Now, Will We… Crazy Right?…

You Come Into Life As An Innocent Entity, Knowing Not The Canality Of The World You Have To Try To Fit Into…

Just To Fade Out At The End In The Form Of An “Ordinary” Foot Mat; The Sand.

Everyone Is Equal To A Fault, No One Is Perfect,

Everyone, Including This Guy; Me.

That Been Said, Just Becuase I Hold A Voice To The Silent Factual Reality Here Doesn’t Mean I’m Flawless.

My Thoughts Here Could Be Controversial, I Might Share An Idea On Some Things In A Topic That Contradicts An Idea On Another Topic.

Don’t Get It Twisted Though, I Might Say Something Like: “It’s Not The Destination That Matters But The Journey” & Still Say It’s Not The Journey That Matters But The Destination”, CR?Yeah I know…

The Two Statements Are Absolutely Right!

You Just Have To Have The “Insight” Angle Of View. It’s Also More Like The 6_9 Theory. 

[ Pretty Sure Y’all Know This ]. 

Where Two Persons On Each End Of The Digit Sees It Differently But They’re Both Correct!.