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Aug 7, 2020

There Was Once A Story About A Poor Orphan;

Several Years Ago This Orphan Advertised Her Piano Recitals In Order To Raise Funds. Posters Boldly Declared She Was A Pupil Of The Celebrated Hungarian Pianist Franz Liszt – Which Of Course Was A Lie. To Her Horror, She Discovered Liszt Was Coming To The Village She Was Giving The Concert.

With Trepidation, She Requested An Interview With Him, Sobbed Out Her Confession And Awaited His Stern Rebuke For What She Did.

Liszt Acknowledged That She Had Been Wrong, But Recognised Her Repentance And Asked Her To Play For Him. At First, She Stumbled Over Her Notes.

He Gave Her A Few Tips And Said, “My Dear, Now I Have Given You A Lesson. You’re A Pupil Of Liszt. Go On With Your Concert And Put On The Programme, That The Last Piece Will Be Played Not By The Pupil But By The Master”

Onesimus The Runaway Slave In The Bible, In His Time, Was Worthy Of Death For Running Away from His Master, Philemon. He Became Born Again Through Apostle Paul’s Ministry.

But Instead Of Turning Him Over For Punishment, Paul Sort To Restore Him To His Master, Having Been Forgiven And Reconciled With God.

Just Like Onesimus, That Orphan Girl Was Forgiven And Restored

While Most People Admit To The Fact That Confessing / Telling The Truth Can Be Sometimes Hard (Of Which 50-80% Of The Time Is, Especially If The Situation Is Unfavourable), What You Just Might Need In That Situation Is Confessing!

Free Yourself Of That Burden… Confess… Ask For Restitution… And Watch That Which You’ve Lost, Be Restored.


Aug 5, 2020

John Wesley Had This For His Rule In Life:

Do All The Good You Can,

By All The Means You Can,

In All The Ways You Can,

In All The Places You Can,

At All The Times You Can,

To All The People You Can,

As Long As Ever As You Can!

In This Post Is A Mini Awakening To What It Really Means To Be Good.

If We Will Ever Be Able To Boast That We Are Indeed Good To Everyone, There Are Certain Things That Must Reflect In Our Lives

When One Of Our Relations Is Overtaken By A Fault, Instead Of Tongue-Lashing Them Or Passing Out Negative Comments About Them (Which Is Often What We Are Firstly Tempted To Do As Humans...)

Rather, We Should Correct In Love, We Should Try As Much As Possible To Be Good…

If There’s One Important Lesson I’ve Learnt In Life… It’s That People WILL Offend You… And There’s Nothing You Can Do To Stop Them… In That Knowledge, Don’t Let An Outside Negative Energy Change Who You Really Are… (If You’re One Of The Good Ones Of Course! And If You Aren’t, Well Change! You Might Be The One In Need Next… You’d Never Know)

In This World, Where People Have Built High Walls Around Themselves, Noticing Other People’s Need Isn’t Something You Can Decide To Do…

But As An “Helping Hand”, Once It’s Evident Someone Is In Need, Or They Come To Us Specifically For Help… Then It’s An Obligation, If The Needs Are Honest. (You Never Know Who’s Going To Be Your Helping Hand, Remember, What You Sow, You Reap.

And What’s That They Say;

“What Goes Around, Comes Right Back Around!”


Aug 3, 2020

For The Past 10 Years, British Photographer David Weightman has taken photos of Beaming, Mostly Young Couples On Their Wedding Day.

Last Year, He Decided To Turn His Camera On Another Kind Of Couple In Attendance; Couples With Decades Of Marriage Under Their Belts.

Then He Asked The Marriage Vets To Sit For A Photo And Share Their Secrets To A Happy, Long-Lasting Relationship.

The Secret: TOLERANCE!

It’s A Give And Take, A Kiss Good Night At The End Of The Day, No Matter The Count Of Arguments You Had, A Specific Woman Named Joyce, Said Of Her 66-Year Marriage.

Her Husband, James, Had A Simpler Recipe For Marital Success: “Doing What I’m Told”, He Joked To Weightman.

Living Together Is One Of The Most Difficult Tasks For Humans. Sometimes We Turn Our Differences Into Walls Instead Of Bridges, But Taking Christ As An Example, We Will Know That The Life We Have In Christ Is Not For Ourselves But For Others.

We Must Learn To Bear With The Weaknesses Of Others The Same Way Christ Bore Ours And Be Willing To Give Others Allowance, The Same Way We Have Enjoyed From Christ.

Humans Are “Imperfect”, We’re Bound To Make Mistakes, Especially The Silly Ones. To Live In Harmony, You Must Have That Fact In Mind And Be Always Ready To Forgive And Forget.


Jul 18, 2020

The Media Went Wild When Ted Haggard (An American Evangelical Pastor, The Founder And Former Pastor Of New Life Church In Colorado Springs.) , Who Used to preach against Homosexuality ⚣, Was Involved In It.

Hypocrisy, As We Know It, Is Pretending To Be Something You’re Not Or Even Intend To Be. Sometimes, It’s Even When You’re Paying More Attention To Reputation Than To Your Character.

Let’s Take A look At The “So-called” Leaders (Not All Are, But, They’ve Contaminated The God-Sent)

Jesus, Back In His Days, Never Minced Words About Hypocrisy and Hypocrites. It Was Evident Of How He Directly Confronted The Religious Hypocrites Back Then, The Scribes, Pharisees, The Elite And Learned People At That Time (Of Which There Are Still Pretty Much Evident Now)

They Hated And Arrested Him On Trumped Up Charges.

Some Christians, While Being Skeptical About Being “Contaminated” By The Unbelievers, They Exhibit Self-Righteousness

Hypocrisy, In Our Today World Is Being Manifested In Various Ways Such As; Giving To The Less Privileged Publicly Or Uploading It To The Social Media Of Their Choice | Fasting And Praying Publicly |

(A Part Of The Bible Scolds This Act; )

“When You Pray, Do Not Be Like The ‘Hypocrites’! They Love To Stand In The House Of Worship And On Street Corners, So That Everyone Will See Them. I Assure You, They Have Already Been Paid In Full.

Matthew 6:5 GNB

The Bible Furthermore Tells How To Pray In The Succeeding Verses.

The Most Obvious Manifestation Of The Hypocritic Act Is How We Sometimes Complain About Someone Else’s Behaviour When Ours Is Even Worse!

I Understand We’re All “Humans” Yes, And Humans Are Faulty As… But As Hard As It Can Be, Try To Be Original And Genuine In All You Do… You Won’t Regret It!


Don’t Establish A Home Until You’re Sure You Earn A Ample Living!

One Of My Favourite Verses Of The Bible Is The Verse 27 Of 24 In Proverbs;

Don’t Build Your House And Establish A Home Until Your Fields Are Ready, And You’re Sure That You Can Earn A Living.

Proverbs 24:27 GNB

Wait, Lemme Ask This Question… Where The Hell Are You Rushing To?!

Who’s Chasing You!?

You Think Marriage Is Just Something You Can Ball Into When You Like?

Well, Ask Around, If It’s The Stories You Want _ Your Ears Will Bleed Out – Believe Me

Don’t Let Anyone Rush You – Don’t Let Anyone Put Pressure On You – Don’t Let Anyone Intimidate You...

‘Cause When You Enter Into It – It’ll Be Just You And Your God – Well, Mostly You…, ‘Cause None Of Them Is Going To Live In It For You…

And When The Storm Comes (- FACT, The One Thing That’s Inevitable In Marriages), You Won’t Have The Ground To Stand…

Why Punish Yourself And Someone Else’s Daughter? (Doesn’t Mean Ladies Shouldn’t Be Ready Too Anything Can Happen, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow)…

Why Should You Make Yourself Suffer?

You’d Spend All Flares Of Currency At Your Wedding And Be Living In A One Room Apartment _ Really? 🙄… In A Rented Apartment?!

If You Think Marriage Is Just To Call Someone Your Wife,… Sit Down Enjoy The Rest Of Your Life _ Well, BUMMER ALERT ⚠ ; ‘Cause It’s Not!

You’d Feed, Clothe Yourselves, Pay Fees, Transport (You’d Also Be Thinking Of Getting A Car – Your Own House... C’mon!)

And Believe Me, If You Don’t Use Your Brain, You’d Be Stucked Like That For The Rest Of Your Life (Unless God Shows You An Unmerited Favour _ Bacause You Didn’t Listen In The First Place!)

You Don’t Wanna Take That Chance _ ‘Cause No One Is Chasing You!

Some Men After Marriage, Take Their Wife To Go Live In Their Mother’s House _ Seriously Bro – Grow Up!

If You’re Not Ready, Don’t Even Think Of Trying It… Nobody Will Kneel You Down Or Flog You Because You’re Not Ready To Marry!

It’s First Of All, For Your Own Good, Your Wife’s, Your Future Offsprings’ Well-Being, Their Education, Their State Of MindIt’s All In Your Hands – You’re The Head, The Brain Is In You – USE IT, Don’t Leave It Idle

If She Keeps Disturbing You To Marry Her, Explain To Her!…

If She Can’t Wait, Be Kind Enough To Let Her Go! You’re Doing You Both A Favour, Believe Me…

Even Here, Parents Also Compares Their Children… Something Like; “You Know That ‘Girl’ Is Younger Than You Oh, And She’s Married 👰 With Kids

So Long You Know What You’re Doing, Let Them Talk… This Is Life, All Fingers Ain’t Equal… Everyone’s Time Is Different _ So Is Our Race Track!

Don’t Get Intimidated… Don’t Feel Oppressed

Make Sure Your “Fields” Are Ready — & — You’re Sure You Can Earn A Living – BE WISE!