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Aug 17, 2020

[A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die… (Ecclesiastes 3: 2): What Happens Between Those Designated Times?]

Every Purpose Has Its Time. Those Things Which Seem Most Casual And Contingent Are In The Counsel And Foreknowledge Of God.

Their Hours Are Fixed And Can Never Be Anticipated Or Adjourned.

Any Changes Are Purely An Act Of God, Though Others Depend More Upon The Will Of Man, But All Are Determined By The Divine Counsel.

We Live In A World Of Changes. There Are Several Events Of Time And Seasons. Conditions Of Human Life Are Vastly Different From One Another. Every Change Concerning Human Existence Has Been Fixed And Ordained.

We Cannot Change Anything.

There was a time we were born; there will be a time to die and a time when the dead are remembered. There is also a time of God’s judgment and a time He turns around and shows mercy.
In all these time and changes, God has one against the other, so that we may rejoice as though we rejoiced not; and weep as though
we weep not.

No Matter The Condition We Find Ourselves, We Should Take Things Easy. We Should Live In A Humble Dependence On God And His Providence.

We Shouldn’t Lift Up With Hopes Or Get Cast Down With Fears, But Have Evenness Of Mind Expecting Every Event.

Be Wise To Accept, Observe, Respect And Utilize All Times And Seasons Wisely.


Aug 11, 2020

Ambition, Arising Either From A Discontented Mind Or From A False Estimate Of Our Powers, Leading Us To Seek A High Position, Will Be Sure To Prove A Snare.

The Pathway Of Pride Leads Upwards, But The Summit Of The Hill Is So Enwrapped With Mist. Those Who Climb The Wall Of Pride Lose Themselves In The Darkness, And At Last Topple Over A Precipice, At The Bottom Of Which They Groan, With No Friends Near To Pity, Until Destruction Becomes Their Lot.

Such Was The Situation With Haman Who In Spite Of The Honor He Received From The King Was Dissatisfied Because Mordecai Refused To Honor Him.

His Case Was Made Worse By The Counsel He Got From His Wife And Friends.

They Suggested That Haman Should Have Mordecai Impaled On A Pole, 50 Cubits Tall.

“Have a pole set up, reaching to a height of fifty cubits, and ask the king in the morning to have Mordecai impaled on it. Then go with the king to the banquet and enjoy yourself.” – Haman’s “Friends”.

“That suggestion delighted Haman, and he had the pole set up”. Anyone Familiar With It Knows, He In Turn, Got Impaled.

Every “Good” Person Should Be Mindful Of His/Her State Of Mind And The Counsel He Receives. (The Wicked Are Bond To Perish, Unless They Change Of Course.)

We Must Ensure That Our Hearts Are Guided Against Pride And Weigh All Advice Carefully By The Word Of God. No Matter What Men May Say, God’s Word Is Always Right. His Word Should Be Final Over Our Lives. The Only Truly Infallible Guide That We Have Is The Bible, If Used Within Its Right Context.

Have An Insight, Who Are Your counselors? Who Are Those You Take Advices From? What Stuff Are They Made Of? Are They Genuinely Assisting You? Or Would They See You Fall?

Be Careful Who You Trust


Aug 10, 2020

Truth Is A Precious Commodity In Any Human Organisation, Without The “Related Bloodline” Of Truth And Justice, There Cannot Be The “Uprising Outcome” Of A Lasting Unity And Growth.

The Extent To Which Any Society Grows And How Enduring The Growth Is Dependent On The Extent To Which Society Can Devise Ways To Find The Truth And Make Use It

King Solomon, Before Whom Two Prostitutes Laid Claim To A Living Baby, He Needed To Find The Truth And Give Justice.

There Was No One To Bear Witness To The Claim Of Either Of The Women. The King’s Command To Divide The Baby Into Two Halves For Each Of The Two Women, Was To Reveal Which Of The Two Women Really Cared About The Life Of The Baby; Or To Reveal The One Who Hated To See That The
Other Was Doing Better.

Whether The Conclusion Of The King That The
Woman Who Desperately Wanted The Child To Live Was The Mother, Was Right Or Wrong, It Was Clear That She Was Deserving Of The Child!

The Wisdom Of Any Leader Is In Transparency And Fairness Of His/Her Judgement.

When Making Decisions, One Must Set Aside Sentiment, And Be Transparent And Fair In All Matters Involving Judgment. (Funny Enough, Most Times, What You Just Need To Settle Matters Is Still The Same “Sentiment”)

Have The Insight: Doing What Is Right Without Prejudice Is Wisdom.


Aug 9, 2020

A Woman Wept After She Failed To Provoke Her Husband To A Fight As Usual.

The Husband Asked Her What They Have Gained Since They’ve Been Fighting Through The Past Years.

At That Point She Came Back To Her Senses, Realised That The Progress And Prosperity Lacking In Their Marriage Is Only Possible In The Atmosphere Of Love, Peace And Unity.

God Understands The Power Of Unity And Always Love To See His People Dwelling Together In Unity.

Back Then, The Decision Israel Made Was Never Of His Making, It Came As A Result Of Their Sins.

As God Was Visiting The Israelites Again, His Main Priority Is The Restoration Of Her Unity.

This Will Form The Basis For Diverse Blessings On His People: Victory Over Sin, Living A Righteous Life And Becoming His People Afresh.

At The Very Least, Everyone Has Had An Experience Of The “Forgiveness” Kind. Most PeopleThat Has Had The Opportunity To Overcome Those Moments, Knows What It Means To Actually Forgive!

You Should Know, If You Don’t Forgive, The Only One Bearing The Burden Is You! The Other Person Goes On About Life… While You Wage A Mental War With Yourself, In Your Head, Alone.

God Is Of Peace And As Such “Believers” (NOTE: I’m Not Saying Christians Now), Are Expected To Be Agents Of Peace And Unity Wherever They Are: In Church, School, Work, Society.

That Is A True Test Of Humanity, Maturity, And Of Course; Christianity, It’s Also One Of The Secrets Of Blessing, Progress And Development.

Make An Effort, Every Effort, To Reconcile With Whoever You Have A Rancour.

Do Your Best To Reconcile With Some Other People In Your Family, Neighbourhood, Church, School, Office, And A Community Where You Know There Is Virulence.


Aug 8, 2020

Many Times, Some People Think They Know Exactly What They Need To Make It Through Life.

They Go To God With A Long List Of Desires And aact As If Once These Desires Are Met Other Things Will Fall Into Place.

But Most Of These People Only View Those Things In Their Own Understanding. They Have Forgotten That Most Times, What Is Needed Is Just “One” Secret Which Will In Turn Unlock Other Secrets of A Good Life!

Solomon Did Not Make The Mistake Of Fixing His Mind On Earthly Things With No Lasting Effect.

When He Was Faced With The Choice Of Asking Only One Thing From God, He Knew That Once He Gets The Wisdom Of God, He’s Gotten The Secret Of Success!

God Gave Him What He Asked For And That Wisdom Him Great In His Generation.

Many Of Us Also Go Through Life Believing The Solution To Our Problem Is Money, Job Or High Position. We Seek Greatness In The Wrong Ways For The Wrong Reasons. Not Knowing That The Only Thing We Need Is The Wisdom Of God, Which Is Jesus.

While It’s True, The Essentials Of Life Are Pretty Much What We Need… Or Should I Say Want, Buh Finding The Outstanding Wisdom Is Like Having The Key To Those Essentials!

Once We Have Him (God’s Wisdom; Jesus) On Our Side, Finding The Ultimate Fulfilment In Life Becomes Easy, Because You Have The Outstanding Wisdom Available To Guide You Through!