Aug 17, 2020

[A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die… (Ecclesiastes 3: 2): What Happens Between Those Designated Times?]

Every Purpose Has Its Time. Those Things Which Seem Most Casual And Contingent Are In The Counsel And Foreknowledge Of God.

Their Hours Are Fixed And Can Never Be Anticipated Or Adjourned.

Any Changes Are Purely An Act Of God, Though Others Depend More Upon The Will Of Man, But All Are Determined By The Divine Counsel.

We Live In A World Of Changes. There Are Several Events Of Time And Seasons. Conditions Of Human Life Are Vastly Different From One Another. Every Change Concerning Human Existence Has Been Fixed And Ordained.

We Cannot Change Anything.

There was a time we were born; there will be a time to die and a time when the dead are remembered. There is also a time of God’s judgment and a time He turns around and shows mercy.
In all these time and changes, God has one against the other, so that we may rejoice as though we rejoiced not; and weep as though
we weep not.

No Matter The Condition We Find Ourselves, We Should Take Things Easy. We Should Live In A Humble Dependence On God And His Providence.

We Shouldn’t Lift Up With Hopes Or Get Cast Down With Fears, But Have Evenness Of Mind Expecting Every Event.

Be Wise To Accept, Observe, Respect And Utilize All Times And Seasons Wisely.

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