Aug 11, 2020

Ambition, Arising Either From A Discontented Mind Or From A False Estimate Of Our Powers, Leading Us To Seek A High Position, Will Be Sure To Prove A Snare.

The Pathway Of Pride Leads Upwards, But The Summit Of The Hill Is So Enwrapped With Mist. Those Who Climb The Wall Of Pride Lose Themselves In The Darkness, And At Last Topple Over A Precipice, At The Bottom Of Which They Groan, With No Friends Near To Pity, Until Destruction Becomes Their Lot.

Such Was The Situation With Haman Who In Spite Of The Honor He Received From The King Was Dissatisfied Because Mordecai Refused To Honor Him.

His Case Was Made Worse By The Counsel He Got From His Wife And Friends.

They Suggested That Haman Should Have Mordecai Impaled On A Pole, 50 Cubits Tall.

“Have a pole set up, reaching to a height of fifty cubits, and ask the king in the morning to have Mordecai impaled on it. Then go with the king to the banquet and enjoy yourself.” – Haman’s “Friends”.

“That suggestion delighted Haman, and he had the pole set up”. Anyone Familiar With It Knows, He In Turn, Got Impaled.

Every “Good” Person Should Be Mindful Of His/Her State Of Mind And The Counsel He Receives. (The Wicked Are Bond To Perish, Unless They Change Of Course.)

We Must Ensure That Our Hearts Are Guided Against Pride And Weigh All Advice Carefully By The Word Of God. No Matter What Men May Say, God’s Word Is Always Right. His Word Should Be Final Over Our Lives. The Only Truly Infallible Guide That We Have Is The Bible, If Used Within Its Right Context.

Have An Insight, Who Are Your counselors? Who Are Those You Take Advices From? What Stuff Are They Made Of? Are They Genuinely Assisting You? Or Would They See You Fall?

Be Careful Who You Trust

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