Aug 10, 2020

Truth Is A Precious Commodity In Any Human Organisation, Without The “Related Bloodline” Of Truth And Justice, There Cannot Be The “Uprising Outcome” Of A Lasting Unity And Growth.

The Extent To Which Any Society Grows And How Enduring The Growth Is Dependent On The Extent To Which Society Can Devise Ways To Find The Truth And Make Use It

King Solomon, Before Whom Two Prostitutes Laid Claim To A Living Baby, He Needed To Find The Truth And Give Justice.

There Was No One To Bear Witness To The Claim Of Either Of The Women. The King’s Command To Divide The Baby Into Two Halves For Each Of The Two Women, Was To Reveal Which Of The Two Women Really Cared About The Life Of The Baby; Or To Reveal The One Who Hated To See That The
Other Was Doing Better.

Whether The Conclusion Of The King That The
Woman Who Desperately Wanted The Child To Live Was The Mother, Was Right Or Wrong, It Was Clear That She Was Deserving Of The Child!

The Wisdom Of Any Leader Is In Transparency And Fairness Of His/Her Judgement.

When Making Decisions, One Must Set Aside Sentiment, And Be Transparent And Fair In All Matters Involving Judgment. (Funny Enough, Most Times, What You Just Need To Settle Matters Is Still The Same “Sentiment”)

Have The Insight: Doing What Is Right Without Prejudice Is Wisdom.

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