Aug 9, 2020

A Woman Wept After She Failed To Provoke Her Husband To A Fight As Usual.

The Husband Asked Her What They Have Gained Since They’ve Been Fighting Through The Past Years.

At That Point She Came Back To Her Senses, Realised That The Progress And Prosperity Lacking In Their Marriage Is Only Possible In The Atmosphere Of Love, Peace And Unity.

God Understands The Power Of Unity And Always Love To See His People Dwelling Together In Unity.

Back Then, The Decision Israel Made Was Never Of His Making, It Came As A Result Of Their Sins.

As God Was Visiting The Israelites Again, His Main Priority Is The Restoration Of Her Unity.

This Will Form The Basis For Diverse Blessings On His People: Victory Over Sin, Living A Righteous Life And Becoming His People Afresh.

At The Very Least, Everyone Has Had An Experience Of The “Forgiveness” Kind. Most PeopleThat Has Had The Opportunity To Overcome Those Moments, Knows What It Means To Actually Forgive!

You Should Know, If You Don’t Forgive, The Only One Bearing The Burden Is You! The Other Person Goes On About Life… While You Wage A Mental War With Yourself, In Your Head, Alone.

God Is Of Peace And As Such “Believers” (NOTE: I’m Not Saying Christians Now), Are Expected To Be Agents Of Peace And Unity Wherever They Are: In Church, School, Work, Society.

That Is A True Test Of Humanity, Maturity, And Of Course; Christianity, It’s Also One Of The Secrets Of Blessing, Progress And Development.

Make An Effort, Every Effort, To Reconcile With Whoever You Have A Rancour.

Do Your Best To Reconcile With Some Other People In Your Family, Neighbourhood, Church, School, Office, And A Community Where You Know There Is Virulence.

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