Aug 8, 2020

Many Times, Some People Think They Know Exactly What They Need To Make It Through Life.

They Go To God With A Long List Of Desires And aact As If Once These Desires Are Met Other Things Will Fall Into Place.

But Most Of These People Only View Those Things In Their Own Understanding. They Have Forgotten That Most Times, What Is Needed Is Just “One” Secret Which Will In Turn Unlock Other Secrets of A Good Life!

Solomon Did Not Make The Mistake Of Fixing His Mind On Earthly Things With No Lasting Effect.

When He Was Faced With The Choice Of Asking Only One Thing From God, He Knew That Once He Gets The Wisdom Of God, He’s Gotten The Secret Of Success!

God Gave Him What He Asked For And That Wisdom Him Great In His Generation.

Many Of Us Also Go Through Life Believing The Solution To Our Problem Is Money, Job Or High Position. We Seek Greatness In The Wrong Ways For The Wrong Reasons. Not Knowing That The Only Thing We Need Is The Wisdom Of God, Which Is Jesus.

While It’s True, The Essentials Of Life Are Pretty Much What We Need… Or Should I Say Want, Buh Finding The Outstanding Wisdom Is Like Having The Key To Those Essentials!

Once We Have Him (God’s Wisdom; Jesus) On Our Side, Finding The Ultimate Fulfilment In Life Becomes Easy, Because You Have The Outstanding Wisdom Available To Guide You Through!

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