Aug 7, 2020

There Was Once A Story About A Poor Orphan;

Several Years Ago This Orphan Advertised Her Piano Recitals In Order To Raise Funds. Posters Boldly Declared She Was A Pupil Of The Celebrated Hungarian Pianist Franz Liszt – Which Of Course Was A Lie. To Her Horror, She Discovered Liszt Was Coming To The Village She Was Giving The Concert.

With Trepidation, She Requested An Interview With Him, Sobbed Out Her Confession And Awaited His Stern Rebuke For What She Did.

Liszt Acknowledged That She Had Been Wrong, But Recognised Her Repentance And Asked Her To Play For Him. At First, She Stumbled Over Her Notes.

He Gave Her A Few Tips And Said, “My Dear, Now I Have Given You A Lesson. You’re A Pupil Of Liszt. Go On With Your Concert And Put On The Programme, That The Last Piece Will Be Played Not By The Pupil But By The Master”

Onesimus The Runaway Slave In The Bible, In His Time, Was Worthy Of Death For Running Away from His Master, Philemon. He Became Born Again Through Apostle Paul’s Ministry.

But Instead Of Turning Him Over For Punishment, Paul Sort To Restore Him To His Master, Having Been Forgiven And Reconciled With God.

Just Like Onesimus, That Orphan Girl Was Forgiven And Restored

While Most People Admit To The Fact That Confessing / Telling The Truth Can Be Sometimes Hard (Of Which 50-80% Of The Time Is, Especially If The Situation Is Unfavourable), What You Just Might Need In That Situation Is Confessing!

Free Yourself Of That Burden… Confess… Ask For Restitution… And Watch That Which You’ve Lost, Be Restored.

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