Aug 6, 2020

Making Decisions Is A Crucial Aspect Of Everyone’s Life Of Which We Can’t Roll-over Of Escape From.

We Make Decisions Every Day Of Our Lives, But The Question Is How Many Of These Decisions End Up Being The Right Choice?

Alot Of Regrettable Decisions Have Been Made All Through Life… Ages To Ages… As Well As Good Decisions.

This Is A Calling Out Of Our Attention To One Important Thing That Can Help Us In Making Choices In Life, This “Thing” Is WISDOM.

If You’re A Christian, Have In Mind What The Fore Word Of Wisdom From The Bible Is: “The Fear Of God Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom

Wisdom As We Know It, Is What Gives The Ability To See Things Beyong The Present – Into The Future, Thereby Giving You The Intuition Of Making The Right Decisions For A More Pleasurable Outcome.

With Wisdom, You Can Weigh Your Options Well And Make The Right Choice!

The Only Way To Get Hold Of This Kind Of Wisdom (That Won’t Boomerang), Like I Said (Like The Bible Said), Is Having The Fear Of God.

To Fear God Is Paying Attention To His Instructions And This Will In Turn Grant You What Is Worth More Than Gold Or Money; WISDOM!

Going Through Life Can Be Quite Challenging As It Is, That’s One Of The Essential Reasons To Get Wisdom At All Cost! Now, Be Careful What Type Of Wisdom You “Get”.

People Come Out Of Blues Offering The Earthly Kind Of Wisdom, Especially When We Are “Open” Or In A Situation… They Package It With Sweetness, And All Kinds Of Glitter, Offering It To Be The Best. If You Are Easily Swayed Or Impressed, You Will Fall For Their Trickery.

(You See Why You Need To Fear God?)

Why It Is Obvious That God’s Wisdom Is Like Foolishness To Humans (Says The Bible), It’s Usually Very “Slow”, While The Earthly One Is Usually Very “Fast”… If You’re Not Strong Both In Mind And Spirit, You Will Want The Fast One…

So Has It Been With People Searching For Wealth And Power By All Means, Many Are Too Impatient For God… Thus, Making A Decision They Just Might Regret For All Eternity!. Some Have Indulged In Such “Wisdom”, And Seemed To Get Away With It… But Destruction Is God’s Promise On Them!

Why Take The Risk?, It Hasn’t Been In History That A Certain Man Or Woman Was Killed Just By Waiting On God’s Wisdom!

Fear God, Do His Bidding (Not Your Pastor’s), And Wait For His Blessings, It Will Be Worth It!

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