Aug 5, 2020

John Wesley Had This For His Rule In Life:

Do All The Good You Can,

By All The Means You Can,

In All The Ways You Can,

In All The Places You Can,

At All The Times You Can,

To All The People You Can,

As Long As Ever As You Can!

In This Post Is A Mini Awakening To What It Really Means To Be Good.

If We Will Ever Be Able To Boast That We Are Indeed Good To Everyone, There Are Certain Things That Must Reflect In Our Lives

When One Of Our Relations Is Overtaken By A Fault, Instead Of Tongue-Lashing Them Or Passing Out Negative Comments About Them (Which Is Often What We Are Firstly Tempted To Do As Humans...)

Rather, We Should Correct In Love, We Should Try As Much As Possible To Be Good…

If There’s One Important Lesson I’ve Learnt In Life… It’s That People WILL Offend You… And There’s Nothing You Can Do To Stop Them… In That Knowledge, Don’t Let An Outside Negative Energy Change Who You Really Are… (If You’re One Of The Good Ones Of Course! And If You Aren’t, Well Change! You Might Be The One In Need Next… You’d Never Know)

In This World, Where People Have Built High Walls Around Themselves, Noticing Other People’s Need Isn’t Something You Can Decide To Do…

But As An “Helping Hand”, Once It’s Evident Someone Is In Need, Or They Come To Us Specifically For Help… Then It’s An Obligation, If The Needs Are Honest. (You Never Know Who’s Going To Be Your Helping Hand, Remember, What You Sow, You Reap.

And What’s That They Say;

“What Goes Around, Comes Right Back Around!”

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