Aug 4, 2020

According To Mac Hammond, “To Decieve Someone Is To Convince Him/Her That Something Is True Or Valid When It Is Actually Untrue Or Invalid”.

The Only Way Our Mortal Enemy; The Devil, Can Defeat People Is By Getting Them To Believe In Something That Is False.

In Other Words, Satan Can’t Bring Evil Into Your Life Unless You, In Effect, Choose It.

And You Won’t Choose It Unless He Succeeds In His Deception.

There Are Lots Of Decievers In This Present Time And The Bible Has Several Passages And Texts, Warning Against Such Insolent Beings

[I Still Wonder Why People Choose To Believe What “Their Pastor” Tells Them Over God’s Word Itself (Unless It’s In Accordance Of Course)]

These People Always Try To Reason Out The Personality Of Jesus In A “Human” Context

They Make People Believe That Jesus Did Not Come In The Flesh And They Do Things Contrary To Doctrine Of Christ Himself

Identifying These People Might Be A Little Difficult, ‘Cause Some Of Them Creep Into Our Lives In A Subtle Way That We Hardly Realise,

How To Fend Against This, Is Taking Your Own Personal Time To Check If The Original Doctrine; God’s Word; The Bible Says So.

It’s Like Having An Original Money And A Fake One… If You’d Take Your Time And Study The Original, You’d Recognise The Fake One At A Glance!

And The One Thing We Also Can’t Do Without Is The Help Of The Holy Spirit.

Remember, The Knowledge Of The Truth; The Word Of God, Is The Only Antidote To The Deceptive Falsity In This World.

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