Jul 19, 2020

There Was Once A Story Said Of A Man Who Refused Several Warnings Against Alcohol And Cigarette.

As It Was Said, He Promised His Friends He ‘Must’ Celebrate The Next Christmas With A New Car.

Well, As Expected, He Got The Car But Drove Into An Electric Pole And Died While Flaunting It On Christmas Eve, Under The Influence Of Alcohol.

One Of The Most Common Judgement We Are Familiar With… Is The Judgement Of GOD

There Are Many Places In The Bible That Has Shown God’s Wrath Upon The Unrepentant Israel

Over And Over… He Judges Them… Shows Them Mercy, It Gets Into Their Heads, They Act Up… He Judges Them Again.

In The World Today, There Are Drunks, Cultist, Fraudsters, Prostitutes, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Gays, Murderers, Liars… And Many More Of Which Most Indulge In Pornography, Abortion, Crazy Fashion, Examination Malpractices And Masturbation (Which Is The “MVP” Of This Acts, Since It’s A Quick Resolution To Urges Compared To Fornication Which Is Also Rampant)

As Much As I’ve Been A Victim Myself, To Some Of These Acts… I Understand Perfectly What The Diabolic Word; “ADDICTION” Means.

Overcoming That Addiction Or Desires Is What I Think Is Supposedly The Aim Of Our ‘Human’ Journey.

What Is Bad Is Bad… And Until Death ☠ Which Ends All Life… We All Have The Chance To Set “It” Right With God To Avoid His JUDGEMENT.

On What I Said In An Earlier Post About Hypocrisy, While It’s Rampant Of How We’re All Involved In One Of These Behaviours… It Would Be Wrong Of Me To Condemn Anyone For Being Involved In Any Of ‘Em.

And I Believe, There’s A Reason For Everything… For Everything We Do, Either Good Or Bad… There’s Always A Reason!

Most Times, We’re Just Blinded By Our Haste To Judge Others. Being Blind-Folded To Our Own Faults.

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