How Parents Compare Their Children

I Kinda Hate It, No, I Despise The Frivolous Act Perpetrated By Parents… Lol… Words Right…

But Seriously…

I Think To Myself Why Do Parents Like Comparing Their Children To Other Kids…

Why Do They Keep Making Their Children Feel Bad For Trying…

I Mean, What Don’t You Get?

You’d Hear Words Like; And That’s Your Mate Oh”

And When Talking About Positions, You’d be Hearing Words Like;

“Isn’t It Someone That Came First” Or

“Is The Person That Came First Having Two Heads?” Or

“You Don’t Know Anything!”

Forgetting Our Heads Are Different…

Forgetting Everyone Is Unique In Their Own Way

Well, You’re Wrong!

Why Don’t You Try To Access Your Kid, Your Child’s Ability May Not Even Be Related To The Classroom Or Competing – They Just Wanna Be The Best They Can Be…

Take The Legendary Albert Einstein For Example;

(It Is Usually Rumoured That Einstein Was A Dull Boy And Didn’t Know Anything As A Boy)

But, I’ve Come to Read That He Just Felt Out Of Place — His Imagination And Creativity Was Beyond Those Classroom Walls

From Einstein Often Felt Out Of Place And Victimised By A Prussian-Style Educational System That Seemed To Stifle Originality And Creativity. One Teacher Even Told Him That He Would Never Amount To Anything. Read More Here

There’s More To His Story, Like How He Ran From His Boarding School Back To His Parents Because He Felt Alone And Miserable. You Can Also Read More Here

Know, Your Child May Not Be Like Einstein, Who Was Fascinated By The Laws And Wonders Of Nature & Physics & Mathematics

It’s Not Only Science That Makes The World Up… If It Was Only Doctors We Had… We Wouldn’t Have Computers…

If Programming Was The Only Occupation We Have… We’d All Die Of Sicknesses, ‘Cause You Obviously Can’t Program A Sickness Antidote… Get My Point? 👀

Medicine – Military – Computer – Designing – Art – Economics – Language – Science – We All Need One Another… Don’t Force An Artist Into Medicine. It Won’t Work!

Even Einstein Failed French, Biology, & Chemistry!

When He Was Writing An Entrance Exam Into The “Swiss Federal Polytechnic” Which Was Later Renamed “Swiss Institute Of Technology” When It Expanded To A Full University Status.

Check Out The Child Education II



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