May 13, 2020

Life Is Too Short To Live By The Rules… C’mon!


Any Amount Of Money You Can’t Lend Someone Without Worrying… Don’t Lend Someone!

You Ain’t Gonn’ Live Forever. If You Don’t “Live” Now, Then When?!

You Don’t Want Your Life To End In A Scenario Where You Realise Right On Your Sick Bed You Didn’t Scratch One Sentence Off Your Bucket List.

People Save Money… Good… People Invest Money… Even Better… But Living Life?… That’s Something Most People Know Nothing About…

Most Of Us Love Waiting For That Special Occasion Where We Can Get To Lavish All The “Money” We’ve Been Stacking Up For Days… Probably Months Or Even Years…

Life Is Pretty Much Torn In-Between Making Money; Saving Money; & Spending Money

Expenses Come Along The Way… Some Are Are Ones You Must Answer To… Others Are Just Your Desires…

While It’s The Best Thing To Save… × [And I’m Pretty Much Talking To People Who’s Made Enough Money To Decide They Wanna Spend Or Save It] × Don’t Forget To Live…

Even If It’s Just Once… Travel To That Dream Land…

Even If It’s Once A Year… Celebrate Your Life… Your Birthday… It’s Only One Day In Three Hundred And Sixty-five Days

Go Out With The Ones You Love… Make Memories That’ll Keep You Around For A Long While… Even After You’re Gone…

Be Nice To That Person… Forgive That Person… Make Up With That Person… Talk To That Person…

Life’s Too Short To Even Think About… And In The End… It’s Pretty Much All Useless… ‘Cause It Ends In The Grave… People Miss You, And Little By Little… The Memories Of You Fade Into Obscurity… Generations Pass And What Next?

Like The Philosopher Said In Ecclesiastes ;

No One Remembers What Has Happened In The Past, And In Days To Come No One Will Remember What Happens Between Now And Then.

Ecclesiastes 1:11

If You Haven’t Made A Bucket List… Do… It Helps You Know What Your Dreams Are Big Or Small…

And If You Have, Take Up That List, Look Into The Numbers One By One… And Ask Yourself ;

Is Life Really Worth It If I Don’t Check ☒ Everything On This List After This Stress I’ve Been Through??

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