Apr 30, 2020

Oh, Don’t Worry Much About The Last Emoji… πŸ™‚

No One Wants To See It… No One Wants To Hear/Read About It…

Probably Sure Most People That See The Title Of The Post Wouldn’t Even Bother To Click…

Well, I Gave It A Thought And Decided…

There’s No Better Headline To Describe What I’m About To Educate You With In This Post…

A Great King Once Said:
How Can Anyone Know What’s Best For Us In This Short, Useless Life Of Ours β€” A Life That Passes Like A Shadow?
How Can We Know What Will Happen In The World After We Die?

In This Post I’m Gonn’ Be Highlighting The Vanity Of The World World We Live In. (In Other Words: The Uselessness Of Some Things We Hold So Dear In Life)

People Who’ve Lost ‘Someone’ And Actually Learnt Through That Experience Would Understand Better My Points In This Post.

(…At This Point In My Life, Gracefully, I Haven’t Felt The Pain Of Losing Someone Close… Buh It Bugs My Mind & And Places An Heavy Ton Of Worries & Sadness… Trust Me!…

Like, I Know, Obviously It’s Going To Happen One Day… I Can’t Escape It… The Pain Of Not Being Able To Actually Do Anything About It Hurts The Most…

What Creates A Cover For That Book Of Horror In My Mind Is… What If I Was The One To Leave First… It’s All Just Crazy… USELESS, I Say… All USELESS πŸ˜”)

Now, About What I’m Getting At… Take My Advice: Don’t See Me As A Preacher… Or See This Post As Something You “Hear Everyday”… ‘Cause It’s Not! 🀨… Believe Me, It’s Not… 😢

From Where Shall ‘We’ Start?… Yes ‘We’… Everyone… No Exception!

NOTE: This Is All Coming From A Man Who Had “Everything” He Wanted (Not Me πŸ˜…).
But For Real, He Had All He Ever Wanted, And I Mean All… From ‘Wisdom’ To Women To Buildings To Vineyards To Gardens To Slaves To Investments And Above All – Money… All!

β€œYou Work For Something With All Your Wisdom, Knowledge, And Skill, And Then You Have To Leave It All To Someone Who Hasn’t Had To Work For It… Isn’t That Useless? πŸ‘€, And Definitely Isn’t Right!”

β€œAs Long As You Live, Everything You Do Brings Nothing But Worry And Heartache. Even At Night Your Mind Can’t Rest. It Is All Useless.”

β€œThe Best Thing Anyone Can Do Is To Eat And Drink And Enjoy What He Has Earned.” And Yet, He Realised That β€œEven This Comes From God.”

He Said: β€œHere’s A Terrible Thing I’ve Seen In This World: People Save Up Their Money For A Time When They May Need It, And Then Lose It All In Some Unlucky Deal And End Up With Nothing Left To Pass On To Their Children.”

β€œWe Leave This World Just As We Entered It β€” With Nothing! (In Spite Of All Our Works, There’s Nothing We Can Take With Us)”

He Then Topped It Off, When He Stated That: β€œThis Is What I Have Found Out: The Best Thing Anyone Can Do Is To Eat And Drink And Enjoy What He Has Worked For During The Short Life God Has Given Him; This Is Man’s Fate!

β€œSince God Has Allowed Him To Be Happy, He Will Not Worry Too Much About How Short Life Is.”

β€œA Person May Have A Hundred Children And Live A Long Time, But No Matter How Long He Lives, If He Does Not Get His Share Of Happiness And Does Not Receive A Decent Burial… A Baby Born Dead Is Better Off.”

There’s More To His “Wise” Sayings… ‘Cause Even God Approved Of Him And Included His Sayings In His Own Word!

And His Deepest Sayings About Life… Which I Consider Really Deep!;

β€œEnjoy Life With The Woman You Love, As Long As You Live The Useless Life That God Has Given You In The World. Enjoy Every Useless Day Of It, Because That Is All You’ll Get For All Your Trouble.”

β€œWork Hard At Whatever You Do, Because There Will Be No Action, No Thought, No Knowledge, No Wisdom In The World Of The Dead β€” And That Is Where We’re All Going.”

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