Apr 28, 2020

I Love You So Much! I Can Die For You!… Right… πŸ˜’, Sure You Can… Even Jesus Did & People Still Don’t Reference Him.

In The World We’ve Come To Have Today…

I LOVE YOU, Is Now More Of A Mind-Off Quote Than A Heart-Felt Statement…

The Word LOVE Has Come So Far, Through The Centuries, Morphing Into Whatever It Is Today…

People Now Have Different Meanings For The Word LOVE… People Call It What They See It As…

Some Other Morphed Name For It May Be;

SEX – This One’s The Most Common… (It So Happens To Be Said In This Category, That β€œIf You Don’t Sleep With Me, It Means You Don’t Love Me”.) Have You Forgotten That A Day Will Come That Sex Will Irritate You… And You Won’t Even Be Able To Move A Sexual Muscle, Now Tell Me, What Would Hold Your Marriage/Relationship Down Then?… Sex? OR True Love?

MONEY – Most People (Especially Ladies… Mostly Ladies… 95% Of The Times – Ladies! πŸ‘€) Believes If You Don’t Spend Money In A Relationship, You Don’t Love Them… [Most Ladies I’ve β€œMet” In My Life, Don’t Really Go By This… So Are Other Millions Of Ladies Out There That Don’t Need Your Money To Love You… But πŸ‘€πŸ˜…]

POSITION – (Sounds Weird To Be There, But Believe Me It Is…) This Deals Mostly On How We Place Ourselves… While It’s Important In A Relationship To Text And Make Calls, I Could Text You Or Call You Or Give You My Attention 24/7, It Doesn’t Certify That I Do Love You. β€œLust” Is Not β€œLove” – Know The Difference. [I Wish To Emphasise More On This, But Let’s Leave The Figuring Out To Our Beautiful And Kindred Minds… Shall We?]


Show β€œLove” To EVERYONE
Be Nice, Be Kind…
You Never Know, If It’ll Be The Last Thing You’d Do
You Never Know, If It’ll Be The Last Thing They’d Experience
Friends And Enemies Alike. DON’T GRUDGE

[β€œPlease, Don’t Take Me As A Preacher (‘Cause I’m Not!). I’ve said That In My Earlier Posts, Where I Made References To The Bible. “I’m Just An Introvert Who Reads His Bible Rather Than Wait Around For Someone To Tell Him Fabricated Stories Of It”. Also, What I Speak Of On My Blog Is The Realities Of Life, And “The Bible” Happens To Be All About That πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈβ€]

There’s This Particular Chapter In That Splendiferous Word Of God That Intrigues Me On What The True Meaning Of Love Is…

Times And Over, I’d Pounder, I’d Read It Over And Over Again… I Understand It Though, (I Guess God Made Me Understand πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ)…

But When I Look At The World Around Me… Around Us… It Just Doesn’t Feel Right!

Love Is Patient And Kind;

It Is Not Jealous Or Conceited Or Proud;

Love Is Not Ill-Mannered Or Selfish Or Irritable;

Love Does Not Keep A Record Of Wrongs;

Love Is Not Happy With Evil, But Is Happy With The Truth;

Love Never Gives Up; And It’s Faith, Hope, And Patience Never Fail.

Love Is Eternal!

1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8Βͺ

Read This, Read It, Continue Reading It, Keep Reading It, And When You’re β€œDone”; Read It Again!

I Don’t Know Who Needs To See This, I Don’t Know Who In The World Is Urgently In Need Of The Understanding Of These Words…

Whoever It is, Either You Reading This, Or Someone You Know,… Don’t Wear Yourself Out Trying To Find Love… You Have A Guideline From Your Creator; Follow It.


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