Apr 14, 2020

WARNING!: This Post Might Seem A Lil’ Twisting… Seeming Like It Makes No Sense, Buh If You Get It, That’s The Point. Life Itself Is Pointless.


When You Realise What You Wanna Become, Turn Into IT. Make IT Your Obsession, Your Lifestyle, Your Wallpaper, Your Screensaver, Your Ringtone (If Possible). MAKE IT YOU! ❤️

Everything In Life Is Just Hazy

I Mean What Exactly Is The Origin Of This So-Called Home We Call Earth?

History Is Being Repeated Times & Over

The Conception Of How The World Really Works Is Generated From Our Minds

The Environment We Live Our Lives In And The Ability To Maintain It Is The Result Of The Initial Conception Generated

Now, Right Now, I’m Not Talking About The “Physical” Environment – The Mental Environment Is My Point For – “Right Now”

[ If I Was To Talk About The Physical Environment Though;

Thoughts Like…

– How Was The World Created?

– Did We Really Evolve From Apes?

– Did “God” Really Mould “Sands” Breathe Life Into It And Called It “Human”?

– How Was The Conception Of Comunication (Language) Started?

– Is There Really An After-Life?

Well, While You’re Poundering On That…]

Welcome Back To The Mental Environment!

[P.S: If You Care, Let Me Know In The Comments If The Physical Environment Is Worth Writing A Blog On. I’m Asking From My Readers If They’d (You’d) Care If I Did – Please Let Me Know]

This Mental Wall Built By Our Unconscious Relativity… Something Like “The Angle We View Occurences” – Kinda Like Our Personal POVs

Let’s Take An Example Of This Scenario:

When Someone Gives An Opinion About Something…

The Most Often Response To That Opinion In That Scenario Is Saying The Other Person Is Wrong… Whereas You’re Just Saying That ‘Cause The View Of The Subject Is Different In Your POV…

And Since Our Human Mind Wouldn’t Want To Just Drop Our Own Solitary Belief Of The Situation (Depending On What It Is Though), We Tend To Disagree… Whereby Both Parties Are Correct…

My Favourite Example Is The 6 – 9 Theory 👇

[ Personally, Hopefully, I’m Supposing I Haven’t Driven Any Reader With The Con-Fus-Vinc-Tion Embedded In This Particular Post… Hopefully ]

There Are Some Times Our Mind Works On It’s Own… Most Times…

Take An Example Of Some Times You Want Someone To Do Something For You… And You, Hope And “Expect” Them To Know… Like You Can Just Pop It Into Their Head?!

In Some Other Situations That Turn Out To Be Bad… Like You Were Just Trynna Be Nice… In Your POV, What You did Was Positive, But It Appeared Negative To The Other Person…

Like When You’re Trynna Help Someone Fix Something, And It Broke In Your Hand…

Or Like When You Keep A Secret From Someone, Just ‘Cause You Don’t Wanna Hurt’ Em… And They Find Out?

Don’t You Find It Weird That Even If We Relate, All This Happens In Our Minds? … Some We Choose To Say… Some Remains Dark, Locked Out Forever Till Death… Somethings We Can Never Really Understand… Now, Can We??

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