Apr 4, 2020


You Know Steve Jobs, The Founder Of Apple🍏?, He Got Fired From His Own Company! – Who Gets Fired From Their Own Company?!😳. But That Didn’t Stop Him Now, Did It? πŸ€”


Don’t Let People Get Too Close To You. ‘Cause When You Want Your Personal Space, Telling Them Might Not Be Easy On Feelings.

There’s This One Thing I’ve Come To Realise And Understand About Life

It Doesn’t Matter What You Do, But What You’re Willing To Lose/Let Go/Face/Pass Through/ Sacrifice When Doing It!

We’re All Meant To Succeed (Disclaimer: Not All Of Us Are, Know Why?; Those People Aren’t Willing To Do What It Takes)

You Must Sacrifice Something To Get What You Want. That Has Been The Order Of Things & Till The End Of Man Kind Will Continue To Be.

Today, I’m Going To Be Analysing The Obvious Reason You Should Never Quit And Just Keep Trying – Through HISTORIC Examples.

Both Past And Present Passion Driven Exceptional People Who Never Gave Up Despite Being Cut-Off

Whatever You Want To Do In Life, JUST DO IT! [The Passion Wasn’t Installed In You For Nothing]


This Post Might Feel Long, But Believe Me, It’s Worth It πŸ‘Œ

† Do You Know How Many Time Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow In Avengers) Got Rejected?

† Do You Know Anna Wintour? (The Person Whose Name Leads The Fashion Industry), She Was Once Fired For Being β€œToo Edgy” – Now, She Literally Advices You To Get Fired Too! (So Long You Know What You’re Doing)

† The Author/Writer Of Our Beloved Harry Potter Series J. K. Rowling Was Rejected 12 (Twelve) [She Made It Into The Forbes Billionaire’s List! But Only Got Of ‘Cause Of Her Donations Of Millions In Charity – Now, That’s A Human Woman!]

† I Don’t Know If We All Know Stephen King, But His First And Now Most Renowned Book; β€œCarrie”, Was Rejected 30 Times. [King Trashed The Book πŸ“™ Back Then, But His Wife Rescued It & Encouraged Him To TRY AGAIN!]

† Walt Disney Was Told He Has No Imagination!

† Steve Jobs Was Fired From His Own Company!

† Albert Einstein Couldn’t Speak Till He Was 4 And Couldn’t Read Till He Was 7

Don’t Worry About Whatever Is Going On NowNow Matters, But Now Is Not The Point. After Is What Should Be Your Concern.

You Feel Like The Society Doesn’t Accept You?, You Feel Out Of Place, No One Supports You?, You Don’t Have What It Takes? – Now That’s A Lie, ‘Cause You Do!

The One thing Common To Them All… Is Persistency. NEVER GIVING UP!

Take A Good Study At All Of Them And Ask Yourself: β€œDo I Really Wanna Leave This World Without Making It Feel My Presence?”

No Matter How Small… JUST DO IT! βœ”οΈ

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