Mar 26, 2020

You Only Live Once…

Life Is Short — Make It Count


Go All Out For Someone You Don’t Know…

Go All Out But One For Someone You Know…

(How You Understand That, Is Entirely Up To You)

My Favourite Quote From The Philosopher’s Words Is “Life Is Useless” – All Useless

You Gather Riches, Gain Power, And What The Hell Do You Have To Show For It? NOTHING!

People Come Into The World Every Day, People Leave Every Day — The Latter, Being Mostly Unintended

We Talk About Life As If It’s Going To Be Here Forever

We Build Multiple Houses, Buy 2,3,4 Cars, Gather Riches, Spend On Things We Don’t Even Need.

(Not Saying It’s A Bad Thing)

But Doing It In A “I’m Gonna Live Forever” Attitude Is Useless — It’s Like Chasing The Wind

Some People Also Live In A “I Might Die Tomorrow” Attitude

[Now, Know The Difference Between These Two Categories… “I’m Gonna Live Forever” Is The Saying Of The Rich, ONLY Someone That Is Poor Would Say “I Might Die Tomorrow” (This Applies Majorly To The Ones That Do Rituals Or Get Their Money Through Fraudulent Means)]

Do What You Can, Where You Can, When You Can, While You Still Can…

This Life Is Just Too Useless… Why Not Help Someone While You Still Can. You Ain’t Gonn’ Live Forever

Even If You Have A 100 Billion, It’s Going To Finish One Day… What Would You Have To Show For It When That Day Comes?

Enjoyment Is Good… In Fact It’s The Best When It Comes To Gratifying Your Labour… Buh Intuitive Reasoning Is Required When It Comes To Money… ELSE Poverty Is Going To Attack You Like An Hired Assassin…

Besides, God Decided To Bless You… You Didn’t Bless Yourself… Why Not Let God Bless Others Through You!?

You Think You’re Where You Are ‘Cause Of Your Hardwork?… You Lyin’ To Yourself… God Decided To Open Doors For You… If You Ain’t Gonn’ Open Doors For Others… YOUR LIFE IS A TOTAL WASTE!

Think Deeply, And Ask Yourself…

>> What If I Was Them?, What If They Were Me?

>> What If I Had No Option But To Beg? (Believe Me, It’s Possible)

>> What If All I Had Went In A Flash? (True Story)

Just Pounder On It, What IF?

YOU. ONLY. LIVE. ONCE! _ Life Is Too Short, Live While You Still Do, Do Good While You Still Can… Be An Angel To Someone Today! Not Tomorrow... TOMORROW NEVER COMES!

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