Mar 16, 2020

This Is A Prelude To The “HOW TO SPOT A FAKE PASTOR 101

I’d Be Posting The Real Deal By Friday 20

People In High Places, Especially These So-Called Modern “Pastors” Or As Some Would Like To Be Called “Papa” 😒 SMH🤦‍♂️ (Those One-Manned Churches)

They Talk As If They’re Holy [Don’t Get Me Twisted, Not All Of The Pastors Though, Let’s Just Say The % Of Fakers Outta 100 Is More Like 99.7|0.3% To Those Who Really Proclaim The Message]

You People Talk Like “God” – That’s Right, You Command Like You’re Perfect Yourself,… You Demand The Unreasonable & Paint Your Followers – Congregation As The Sinners…

“Come To Your Church To Be Released” _ Seriously? 🙄

We All Know One Would Be Free Indeed By Coming To “Christ” _ To Jesus The Son Of God Himself By Heart

But To You, It’s Until They Come To Your “Church”

Here’s A Question For You From God’s Word; Can Anyone Really Say That His Conscience Is Clear, That He Has Got Rid Of His Sin?

And Includes You!, No Exceptions

Matter Of Fact, Especially YOU!, People Are Gonna Look Up To You – Either You’re Sent By God Or You’re Self-Imposed – And That’s The FACT!

Be Sure To Check Back On Friday

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