Now You’re Probably Thinking… Wait, I’ve Seen Something Like That Before…

Well, You’re Right… Martin Luther King Jr. Said “I Have A Dream!” Pretty Sure That Dream Of His Is Being Lived Out By People That Doesn’t Even Know Him…

It’s Crazy Right,… It Was The Same Corruption That Killed Him… When He Was Assassinated By James Earl Ray* At Just The Age of 39.

I On The Other Hand… Well, I Hope Not To Be…

Some Things I’ve Learnt From Past Heroes, Past Leaders Who Stood Against Injustice & Corruption Is;

I. No Matter How Hard They Try… No Matter How Hard They Shine That Light… There Are Still Going To Be Some Set Of People Habouring Darkness Against Them…

II. No Matter How Good You are, Now Matter How Kind You are… There’s always that Group of People ready to Drag You Down…

Here’s A Word Of Advice To My Readers: Only Someone Below You Can Try To Drag You Down… Someone Above You, Even Literally Can’t Do Such… So Don’t Worry About Them – Those Below You. This Life Is Too Short And Kind Of Pointless… You Don’t Have Time To Worry About Those That Hate You... Climb Higher!

I’ve Had This Vision-Of-A-Blog Since I Started Getting Cognizant

I’ve Been Thinking And Wondering How This World Works…

I Have A Lot To Say, A Lot To Open Up On, A Lot To Let People Know, A Lot To Make People Understand...

For One Thing, I Know, And I’m Sure I’m Not The Only One That Possess This Taunting Tacit Voice…, Everyone Does, It Just Takes A Toll Of Courage To Let It Out.

And Frankly, I’m Willing To Take That Toll!

Obviously, People Before Me Spoke Up: Take;

Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas Jefferson

Nelson Mandela

And Many More of Them… Check Here For More.

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