Each Day Of My Life,

I Wonder… Is There An End To This Devastating Phenomenal Occurence We Call “Life”?,

Maybe There Is

Maybe There Isn’t… 

Maybe There Is With Death? 

Maybe There Still Isn’t… 🤦‍♂️

Well, We’ll Never Know Now, Will We… Crazy Right?…

You Come Into Life As An Innocent Entity, Knowing Not The Canality Of The World You Have To Try To Fit Into…

Just To Fade Out At The End In The Form Of An “Ordinary” Foot Mat; The Sand.

Everyone Is Equal To A Fault, No One Is Perfect,

Everyone, Including This Guy; Me.

That Been Said, Just Becuase I Hold A Voice To The Silent Factual Reality Here Doesn’t Mean I’m Flawless.

My Thoughts Here Could Be Controversial, I Might Share An Idea On Some Things In A Topic That Contradicts An Idea On Another Topic.

Don’t Get It Twisted Though, I Might Say Something Like: “It’s Not The Destination That Matters But The Journey” & Still Say It’s Not The Journey That Matters But The Destination”, CR?Yeah I know…

The Two Statements Are Absolutely Right!

You Just Have To Have The “Insight” Angle Of View. It’s Also More Like The 6_9 Theory. 

[ Pretty Sure Y’all Know This ]. 

Where Two Persons On Each End Of The Digit Sees It Differently But They’re Both Correct!.

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